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Trending Editing Styles for 2023

As we approach the peak of the wedding season in 2023, there are several emerging trends in wedding film editing that are taking center stage. These trends are not only transforming the way couples preserve their special day but also changing the way videographers approach their craft.

One of the most significant trends in wedding film editing is the use of cinematic storytelling techniques. More and more couples are looking for wedding films that tell a story, rather than just capturing the day's events. This approach involves crafting a narrative that connects different moments and emotions of the wedding day, creating a cohesive and compelling visual story. To achieve this, videographers are incorporating techniques such as voiceovers, music, and montages, creating a cinematic experience that goes beyond traditional wedding videography.

Another trend that is gaining popularity is the use of aerial footage. Drones have become more accessible and affordable, making it easier for videographers to capture stunning aerial shots of the wedding venue and surroundings. This approach not only adds a unique perspective to the wedding film but also creates a cinematic feel that adds to the overall storytelling experience. Incorporating social media trends into wedding films is also on the rise. Social media has become an integral part of modern-day weddings, and videographers are now incorporating social media trends into their editing styles. For example, creating short clips specifically for Instagram reels, incorporating boomerangs and other popular filters, and even incorporating TikTok-style editing techniques to create a fun and engaging wedding film.

Finally, more and more couples are looking for eco-friendly wedding films. As sustainability becomes a more significant concern for many people, videographers are incorporating sustainable practices into their editing and filming techniques. This includes using eco-friendly equipment, reducing waste, and using renewable energy sources.

In conclusion, 2023 is set to be an exciting year for wedding film editing, with emerging trends transforming the way couples and videographers approach wedding videography. Whether it's cinematic storytelling, aerial footage, social media trends, or eco-friendly practices, these trends are shaping the future of wedding films, creating unique and memorable experiences for couples and their loved ones.

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