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.... to request a free, no obligation, trial video edit*.

If you're thinking of outsourcing your video editing, look no further.

Focus more on shooting.

Elevate your production values.

Dedicated pro editor at your disposal.

Quick turnaround.

More affordable than hiring a full-time editor.

I'm Dave Young - a professional with more than 15 years of film & TV experience in London, UK.  I'm now available to take on your video productions.  TEST ME NOW - I've limited numbers of FREE, no obligation, trial video edits* available so you can see if we're a match.

* Free trial scene edit max 3 mins, final clips provided only, no file assets.

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I'm happy to talk about creative ideas of any kind. Get me involved early -

I'm full of ideas.


I'm based in South Wales, United Kingdom & work remotely for

clients worldwide.

+44 7510 820 120

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