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A wedding film calaboration with The Young Perspective is a gateway to boundless possibilities.


The narrative precision within my  editing empowers your imagination, beckoning you to push the creative boundaries and mould a truly unique wedding film. The potential is limitless; all it takes is imagination to shape it into an extraordinary masterpiece.



Introducing "Starscape": An extraordinary celestial animation, meticulously portraying the constellations' exact positions in the night sky at the couple's wedding time and location. This unparalleled feature offers an utterly distinctive and deeply personal animated sequence, seamlessly complementing any wedding film expertly crafted by me - Dave Young.


"Love Letters" are the embodiment of tender inspiration, passionate sincerity, and profound affection. These whispered words imbue an exquisitely crafted wedding film with heightened meaning and emotion. Set against a backdrop of intricate audio design and visual opulence, "Love Letters" encapsulate love in its purest essence.



"Colour Rays" ingeniously draws inspiration from the couple's shared history, intertwining their cherished colour palette throughout the very fabric of the wedding film. With artful finesse, this technique delicately weaves in their favorite hue through the strategic deployment of radiant beams and meticulously placed spots of color.

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